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We support founders committed to creating businesses that rebuild our society and environment.



We won’t lie to you. We don’t have a magic formula. We don’t have a YouTube video, an e-book or a 6 week programme that will solve all your problems. We take a bespoke approach. You are unique and your start-up has its own opportunities and challenges. We want to work with you to achieve your vision.

Any of these
sound like you?

A founder who cares deeply about the impact your start-up creates?
A founder who realises you need funding but are struggling to get it?
A founder who appreciates feedback to fix your blind spots?
A founder who thrives in a structured environment?
A founder who is looking for a supportive community of like-minded founders?


We know start-up ideas are easy to imagine but hard to scale. That’s why we created Impact Central. Designed to give you the knowledge you need, taught by business and impact experts, and supported by dedicated mentors.

We know you have a different vision for your venture. A start-up that makes the world a better place. But it’s a business and to succeed you need strategy, sales, marketing, operations and finance. If your business and impact are linked then no business,no impact. Join a community that shares your vision.

Let’s build that vision together.


Better founders build better start-ups, so we focus on you! Our six-month programme is tailored to your development needs to make you a better leader, teammate and someone others want to support.

Building on that foundation, our faculty share their expertise on key business and impact topics, raising your expectations of what your business could achieve. Our mentor network rounds out the experience by being the personalised support team you always wished for. When times get tough, the Impact Central core team will be alongside you all the way.


Grow and develop as an entrepreneur and leader
Define your impact to make it clear and meaningful
Increase the success of your business, challenged by leading experts
Build a support network
Clear the obstacles blocking the path to funding
April 2021 COHORT: Applications close MIDNIGHT Thurs 18th March 2020